Winter in Lofoten


The Dark time...or the Color time

We live slightly north of the Arctic Circle and in a short period of time from the beginning of December to the beginning of January we experience “the Dark time” when the sun don´t looks over the horizon. Now "Dark time" is a bit of a misnomer, we like to call it ”the Colour time". Even though we don´t see the sun at all, it's still a wonderful light in the sky. Experience a winter sky that goes from purple, dark red to orange, pink and all shades of blue. And the beginning of january, the sun returns. First breefly but from day to day it shows more and more of itself until, finally it stays up all 24 hours from the mid/end of may.

Alpine skiing in Kongstinden Alpine Center in Svolvær - Lofoten

The weather

Winter in Lofoten offers variable weather. From cold, windless days to days with several plus degrees and storms from the southwest. Suddenly, a polar low pressure comes thundering in from the north and really takes hold of the house wall, then it's good to sit inside. For example in a cozy and warm rorbu in Svolvær and just listen to the weather outside, while enjoying a good cup of something warm.

Spectacular and tough

Visit Lofoten in winter and experience Lofoten at its most spectacular and toughest. A sky on fire, northern lights dancing in the night. Sunny and quiet. Storm, wind and snow. Cold. Mild. Sea spray that hits high into the air. Lofoten gives you all in the winter.

Lofoten in winter - the color time

A Lofoten Adventure?

We at Bjørback AS works everyday to make visitors to Lofoten have their best time. Staying in our hotels, fisherman´s cabins or in one of our large and exclusive apartments, we do our best to make your stay memorable. Eat and drink good food in our restaurant or bakeries and join exiting activities provided by one of our professional partners. Whatever you desire, we will do our outermost to make it happen. Contact us today and let the journey begin!
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What to do in Wintertime in Lofoten?

On the best days, put on your skis. Enjoy kilometers of nice cross-country tracks, or if you are more of the extreme and advanced skier, go for the mountain-tops and free ride all the way down to sea level.

You are not a skier? Go for a fishing trip on the famous Lofoten sea and catch the dinner for the night. Why not visit the small, charming fishing villages scattered all over Lofoten. Or go on a shopping spree, eat great food and enjoy the urban life in Svolvær – also known as Lofoten´s capital. Lofoten offers a lot of activities for everyone during the winter.

Let´s hunt the northern light!

From September to April, the Northern Lights is dancing on the Lofoten sky. It´s elusive, and there are e no guarantees. But be patient and maybe join some professional Northern Light hunters and your chances will be good.


Bjørbak AS is a locally based company that operates several hotels and cabins in Lofoten. We offer a wide range in size and price. From good to luxorious standard. Check out our options in the menu at the top of this site. We also have a very popular restaurant located in the center of Svolvær, the biggest city in Lofoten, and a bakery in the city of Leknes. Our company works closely with the best providers of activities and experiences in Lofoten.

Want us to take care of everything?

No problem, contact us and tell us what you want for your Lofoten adventure, and we will do our best to make it happen. Experiences, activities, food and accommodations. We fix it!

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